Darrell Black

Custom Wood Flooring, Inc.

Give us a call at 512-444-7938 or e-mail us,and we will set up an appointment with you at your home to show flooring samples or measure your existing floors for sand and finish.  We can check moisture and evaluate damage that has occurred due to water leaks, or work with you to help resolve problems. The following will be a brief discussion of the process involved to install or sand and finish a wood floor.

Initial Contact:

1. Contact Office:  512-444-7938

    a. Discuss scope of work

      1. Installation: Pre finished/Job finished. Sand and finish: General color.

      2. Areas to be considered for installation or sand and finish

      3. Possible trip to our office to view different flooring products.

    b. Appointment Day/Time

      1. Name, address, phone numbers

      2. We set appointments with a 30 minute window e.g.. 9:00 - 9:30

2. Day of appointment

    a. Show sample boards

      1. Compare to furniture, walls, and existing flooring in surrounding areas for color ideas.

      2. Discuss scope of work: Furniture to be moved, flooring to be removed, doors that will/will not need to be cut to clear new flooring, and how will the new floor affect existing baseboard, appliances, and toe spaces.

      3. Measure areas for new flooring or sand and finish.

      4. Estimate will be figured and you will be contacted with a verbal bid followed by a proposal faxed or e-mailed and mailed.

3. Scheduling Jobs

    a. When will the work begin

      1. Available time for scheduling will vary from a day or two to two to three weeks.

      2. Wood delivery can take three days to three or four weeks, depending on the species and/or special milling required.

4. Preparation before work begins

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