Cleaning Service

Darrell Black

Custom Wood Flooring, Inc.

We clean both Polyurethane and oil and wax floors at a very competitive price. Setting up an appointment to have your floors cleaned can usually be taken care of with a phone call. We can give you an estimated number of hours to complete your job after taking the following information: what rooms will be cleaned, general size of rooms, what kind of finish is on your floors, and what condition the floors are in.

How to tell if you have a polyurethane finish

1. Generally I will look at the overall appearance of the floor.  Sometimes the urethanes have been put on so heavily they appear to form a layer of plastic on the floor.  Oil and wax will never be high gloss.

2. Check for maintenance sheets or papers from the company that worked on your floors for the type of finish.

3. Feel around edges for some roughness(trash in the finish). This sometimes flows back from under shoe mold or baseboard.

4. In a closet use a coin in a corner and scrape the finish.  A whitish or clear substance will indicate you have a surface finish.

5. In a closet place a couple drops of water. Wait ten minutes and wipe the water from your floor.  If the moisture leaves white or dull spots your finish is oil and wax.  If no water spots are left you have a surface finish.

How to tell if you have an oil and wax finish

1. Use a white rag with mineral spirits(paint thinner) on the rag.  Wipe an area in a closet.  Look at the rag for tan to brown color. This will be an oil and wax finish. You have removed some wax.

2. Feel around edges for roughness. Oil and wax should not have trash around edges.

3. Use the same check that you used in step number 5 above.

4. If you think someone has used acrylic wax, such as Pledge, on your wood floor, mix a small amount of dish soap, ammonia cleaner, and water and place a couple of drops on your floor in a closet. This will turn the acrylic wax white. If the acrylic wax is not peeling then maintain according to the directions that came with the acrylic wax.

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